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Day 896

Dan Su

110cm x 96cm

Oil on Linen


Dan Su’s intuitive abstract painting explores the tensions that stir as we enter and pass through heightened emotions and states. Within the mutable visual language of abstraction, Su employs broad bodily movement, emotively resonant hues, an aerial vastness of scale and the blurring of wet-on-wet application to represent regions that extend between felt polarities: between certainty and confusion, repression and self-reflection, sadness and joy, hope and despair, passion and apathy, and in doing so she captures an interweaving living flow.
Through creative acts, emotions appear in the guise of undiscovered worlds that call forth new senses, new faculties and new modes of navigation.
Su honours her Chinese heritage by integrating traditional Chinese mythology, symbolism and folklore within her painting practice. She is particularly influenced by the book Classic of Moun- tains and Seas, an ancient treasure trove and compilation of texts and stories about mythical figures, rituals, beasts, practices and ethnic peoples of the Ancient Chinese world.
Su completed her Fine Arts Degrees at RMIT and is currently living and working in Melbourne. This is her first time exhibiting with Tits & Co. and she is open for private and public commissions.



Day 896

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