Tits & co. Gallery


An online art show

Tits & Co. is an online gallery and platform
that recognizes, celebrates, connects
and empowers female and female-identifying artists.


Open to collaboration and Submissions!

Tits & Co. is still in the development stages and we are focused on building a solid foundation for this community of female-identifying artists to grow, flourish and strengthen. If you believe your creative practice and journey aligns with the vision of Tits & Co. -

We would love to invite you to please submit a completed application form.
We can not wait to begin planting the roots for a safe community that celebrates female artists and the power of art. We would love for you to stand alongside us

in this movement for positive change. 


We believe in open communication and transparency being a fundamental factor within the success. We value your opinions, thoughts, values, questions and interests - if you are wanting to know more about Tits & Co. or simply want to reach out to us - we would love to hear from you. 
Please forward through any questions or queries in the contact form.

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